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EXBIO’s Ex Series Digesters have a door sensor programed to stop automatically when door is opened. The machines are also equipped with emergency stop button so that when it comes to emergency moment, you can press the button and make machine to stop.
No, our process is totally green. Organic waste is digested by microorganisms and turned into water. The microorganisms working within our machines are common in nature and Eco friendly. EXBIO has simply engineered these naturally occurring microorganisms to increase their potency thus accelerating the decomposition of organic waste. Our EX Series Digesters can decompose waste foods within 24 hours.
No. EXBIO Ex Series is designed with mechanical door sealing in odours so leakage is not of concern. EXBIO Ex Series also has deodorization systems as well as automatic water / flush system. Furthermore, our microorganisms have their own fragrances for the purpose of masking and catching odour.
No. You can feed in waste food whenever you want. The machine constantly decomposes organic waste. Even though it is always working, our products have door sensor to stop automatically when door is opened so that it is safe.
There are load cells mounted on each corner of the EXBIO Ex Series These weigh the total weight of the Digester . The software calibrated to calculate any additional weight allowing the machine to know precisely how much organic waste in itself at any one moment . Were an overload to be detected the machine would stop automatically and ring alarm until the excess had been removed.