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Exbio UK introduces the Exbio Ex Series Digester to put an end to all woes associated with organic waste

Simply, the Exbio Machine converts organic waste into grey water.

EXBIO uses a series of processes in which microorganisms decompose ( or digest ) biodegradable material in the presence of oxygen. The environment within the EXBIO  Ex Series digester hosts our proprietary mixture of microbes and enzymes, accelerating the digestion of biodegradable material within 24 hours.
Simply, the Exbio Machine converts organic waste into grey water. All you have to do is feed in organic waste and the machine will do the rest. Once digested the food waste has been successfully converted into grey water can be disposed in a sewage line or used to water your garden

Waste Management Solution

Exbio Co Ltd, the architects of the magnificent Exbio machine is a leading institution among food waste disposers. Exbio UK Pvt Ltd is the local supplier of Exbio machines.
Over the years, Exbio Co Ltd has introduced a number of eco friendly products, ranging from household to commercial applications and exports are being made to USA, Canada, China, Hong kong, India, Japan, Korea, the Middle east and South Asia to name a few.

Benefits of choosing Exbio

  • It only takes 24 hours or less to decompose food on site
  • Grey water can be directly discharged into the sewage system
  • Process is uncomplicated and maintenance is easy
  • Ingested and digested food can be easily monitored
  • Made of Stainless steel
  • Fully-Automatic Discharging System
  • 3 year warranty
  • Save considerable money, time and labour in¬†disposing of waste food.
  • The Machine can be easily installed due to its compact structure
  • Safer and more hygienic working conditions .
  • No solid waste to deal with.
  • The Machine is capable of blocking bad odor
  • Reduce methane and CO2 emissions from landfills
  • A way to reduce carbon footprint.
  • Become self-sufficient in your food waste disposal

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