Things you should know before purchase.

Commercial Liquified Elimination Type Unit
The microorganisms inside have a semi-permanent life span, our machines need reinoculating every 12 -18 months. EXBIO's EX Series Digesters come with a 3 years warranty .The first EX-100 was installed in Seoul, Korea in 2006 and is still operational today.
EXBIO's EX Series Digesters are designed to minimize both power and water consumption. Consumption depends the model size and speed setting as well as the operational environment. For example a 10kg machine uses 1.43 kWh/day and 90 liters of water per month. Sizes range from 10kg to 10 ton capacity. The microorganisms within require a temperature of 30- 38 degrees Celsius to function thus the temperature of the digester's environment can effect its power consumption. Where a water heater is not necessary power consumption is slightly less.
NO, EXBIO EX Series digesters are designed to be Eco- friendly. The decomposition process does not produce any pollutants, its bi-products are water, CO2 and negligible amounts of methane. The process involves only Eco-friendly microorganisms and water. The microorganisms within the EX Series Digester commonly occur in nature and are found all around us, they are not harmful. Using our EX Series Digester helps our environment as it drastically reduces CO2 and ( most importantly ) CH4 emissions by comparison to  landfill.
Who we are

We provide a totally self-sufficient, environmentally friendly, on site waste disposal solution.

  • Exbio Co Ltd has introduced a number of eco friendly products ranging from household to commercial, and exports are being made to USA, Canada, Sri Lanka, China, Hong kong, India, Japan, Korea, the Middle east, South Asia and now in UK. Exbio UK  Exbio Co Ltd's  authorized distributor, a company established to organize marketing Exbio range in United kingdom .
The Ex Series Digester has a number of amazing benefits
  • Save considerable money, time and labour in disposing of waste food.
  • Safer and more hygienic working conditions .
  • No solid waste to deal with.
  • Reduce methane and CO2 emissions from landfills
  • A way to reduce carbon footprint.
  • Become self-sufficient in your food waste disposals
  • The Machine can be easily installed due to its compact structure
  • The Machine is capable of blocking bad odor
  • Easy to Maintain at a low cost
  • Fully-Automatic Discharging System
  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • 3 year warranty
  • An ExBio machine with a capacity of up to10 kg /day is ideal for an every household and can be easily accommodated in a normal kitchen. Machines with a capacity of 20 kg, 30 kg, 50 kg, 100 kg …to 10 tons/day can conveniently meet all domestic and industrial demands.
How it works

Technology behind Exbio

Food waste is completely decomposed by Bio Star™, an agent developed by ExBio, as well as microorganisms that turn food waste into water and carbon dioxide Contact Us

Disperse fat and grease and each dispersed molecule gets divided and forms fatty acids and triglycerides


Bond between hydrogen and carbon molecules within the separated fatty acids and triglycerides is severed


Transformed into carbon dioxide and water through a TCA metabolism process